The Mental Health Break Podcast, Episode 1: Trevor StrunkListen now (62 min) | Talkin' baseball, Pokemon, and labor. Check it out!
On pleasing all the people all the time, blinders, and knowing when to self-reflect.
Your team can't win every title, but your rivals also can't win every title either.
***BONUS CONTENT*** The Mental Health Break Podcast, Episode 0Listen now (5 min) | Featuring Dave Kincannon and an announcement!
On the latest Metroid game, easy modes, and caveat emptor in the age of capitalism
On the improbabilities of slaying the giant known as Touchdown Tom
On Neil Young's most adventurous album, and an examination of his supreme artistry
What are they putting in these things?!?!?!
A conversation with myself on an unclear topic.
Or, how to ruin all your goodwill in 280 characters or fewer
Starting with performative dunking and ending with The Mountain
I'm not qualified to write extensive lists about anything else that happened this year, so here's a potpourri of things I quite liked this calendar…